Strength and Fitness

Speed and Agility Classes

  • Available for all ages and skill levels
  • Group or individual classes available
  • Target your individual needs or let us create a custom program for you (or your team)!

Personal workouts

  • 1 on 1 sport specific workouts
  • Personal Training

Workout with Adam Morrisseey, ISSA Certified Trainer


Shilo McCall

“It will seperate the men from the boys. It makes you not only physically stronger, but mentally tougher also.”

Chad Thornton (10u baseball player)

“Workouts with Adam are a lot of hard work, and I sweat a lot, but it’s worth it in the end.”

Kholeton Sanchez

“The workouts are great. They test your mental ability to get through them. They hit every part of your body. The workouts are hard but they will make you so much better and stronger.”

Shane Woodson

“They really push you to the limit and puts the right work ethic needed for the mindset for the next level. It helps accomplish your goals and assets in the physical and mental approaches of your game.”

Brycen Campbell

“The workouts are really hard. And working out with all the other players makes you push yourself to the limit. These workouts also make you way better mentally prepared for big games and big situations.”

Stength Program Alumni

Karistya Donisthorpe-New Mexico State University

Alex Scalan- Frank Philips College

Eli Freese-University of New Mexico, South Regional Strongman

Tim Bailey- New Mexico Junior College

Jon Mestas-Seward, University of Buffalo

Damian Lovato- New Mexico Junior College

Clay Kysar- Grand Canyon University

Dylan Evans- Mesa State

Dylan Bibo-New Mexico Junior College

Hayden Spellbring-Otero Junior College

Mike Bernal- Oklahoma State University

Dominic Moreno- Howard Junior College

Matt Thompson- University of New Mexico

Morgan McCasland-New Mexico Junior College

Steven Polito- Seward

Kevin Domrzalski-Seward

Shilo McCall- Strike Zone Cardinals

CJ Retherford- Chicago White Sox

Justin Murray- Otero Junior college

Grant Muncrief-Wichita State University

Andrew Castillo- Eastern Arizona

Matt McGinley- New Mexico State University

Kyle Henke-AirForce Acadamy, Seward

Shane Woodson-Strike Zone Cardinals

Ryan Fraley-Strike Zone Cardinals

Brycen Campbell- Strike Zone Cardinals